Food Photography

Mike Yare Photo will be offering professional food photography to locally owned restaurants, dinners, bars, caterers, and any venue where quality food is served. This will allow our many family owned businesses to display their food creations on Facebook, Web Sites and any form of social media. The images are magazine quality, and can be printed poster size if desired. 

We have constructed a food studio with various attractive backgrounds, you will receive detailed images of your food, perfect color, perfect lighting, sharp and clean. Your food will look appetizing, which in turn will attract attention and customers. The primary goal of food photography is to SELL YOUR PRODUCTS, we’re not operating a museum for people to look and leave, we want to attract customers to your location.

Mike Yare Photography is a local business for local customers, NO CHAINS OR CORPORATE VENUES, our pricing is local, reasonable and allows the average family owned business to show off their food creations at local prices, with just as good, if not better image quality than the national chains pay. 

Contact: Mike Yare @ 585-709-5722
Email: [email protected]
FB: @Mike Yare

Packages and Pricing:

Your images are your property, you own the pictures and have complete copyright privileges. The images will be delivered to you on a flash drive, they will be organized, edited for color, light and detail.

Included in Package:

  • Pictures of the inside and outside of your restaurant. Also a staff picture if you would like that.
  • As many food items as you want, make sure that when we photograph these it’s the way they look when the customer is served.
  • No time limits, you can take 2 hours or longer, this will allow you time to make sure that your plates look just right.
  • We will update your pictures of your menu items 3 times during the year, no extra charge, after that an hourly rate will be applied.
  • If you have off premise work, festivals, weddings, banquets, we can photograph those for you at our hourly rate.


This is an opportunity for family owned restaurants to get professional food photography, for local pricing, very fair. Ad agencies bill food photography in the 1000’s , with limits on time and actual photos. You all operate wonderful restaurants and work very hard, your phone pictures on FaceBook don’t do you justice, we are here to serve.